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How to create an Azure Lighthouse offer with xTEN

Anthony Norwood
Anthony Norwood


Azure Lighthouse allows service providers to use the comprehensive and robust tooling built into the Azure platform to administer their customers’ infrastructure from within their tenants. As a result, customers retain control over who can access their resources, what resources they can access and what actions they can take. Enterprise IT organisations can also use Lighthouse to simplify cross-tenant management.

With Lighthouse, xTEN takes on the responsibility for user management within customer subscriptions, reducing the administrative overhead for our customers’ IT teams while allowing them to retain control of that access.

How to add xTEN from the Azure Marketplace

1. Search for xTEN Managed Services in the Azure Marketplace


2. From the search results, select the Create dropdown and choose Managed Azure


3. Choose the subscription and region to create offer in; optionally, alter the name and add a description, then go to Review and Create


4. Enter the details for the account contact and review the access permissions that will be granted with this offer. To complete creating the offer, check the box at the bottom of the page and hit Create


5. Once created, select Go to resource or search for Service Providers in the search bar

6. From Service Providers, go to Delegations and add a new delegation for the subscriptions and/or resource groups to be delegated


If you want to find out more about how xTEN utilises Lighthouse to deliver exceptional service, including the ability to provide our premier monitoring solutions with little to no effort on your behalf, then reach out now.

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